Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan

  • Where should new houses go under the Truro & Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan
    New Housing
    Where should we site new housing?
  • Green Spaces in Town
    How important are they to you?
  • Truro and Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan
    How can we keep our Town Centre alive?
  • Transport and the Truro & Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan
    What is the best mix of Public & Private Transport?
  • How should we support business in the Truro & Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan
    Local Business
    How should we be supporting it?
  • Do we need new schools in the Truro & Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan
    How many schools do we need in the future?

Latest News


Neighbourhood Plan is ready for your vote on November 10th

Residents of Truro and Kenwyn should, by now, have received their poll cards for the referendum on November 10th. This will show you where you can vote. If you lose it, don’t worry. You can still go to your local polling station and vote without it. So, what’s the plan all
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The Changing Face of Retailing in Truro

My first real experience in the retail trade was as a ‘Saturday boy’ in Debenhams of Northampton in 1977. I worked on the menswear department selling jeans – there were two sometimes three of us looking after one free-standing rail, about twelve feet of wall space holding nothing but
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Neighbourhood Plan Goes to Examiner

The Truro & Kenwyn Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to the Independent Examiner.  This should mean that 3 years of work will shortly be ready for a referendum. If you would like a copy of this draft just download it here.  
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So what’s happening with the Neighbourhood Plan?

  “The Neighbourhood Plan has now successfully completed a period of consultation independently carried out by Cornwall Council. The next part of the formal process is for it to be independently examined by a suitably qualified and experienced person chosen by an organisati
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Pickles intervenes to halt housing approval in neighbourhood plan area

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has put on hold plans for 280 homes in Buckinghamshire after a parish council warned that the local council’s decision to approve the application would undermine work on its emerging neighbourhood plan. Aylesbury Vale District Council’s strateg
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Democracy in Action

The Neighbourhood Plan is a participation. We need your input and your approval in a referendum.

Download the final approved plan............     Here